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NYC Fashion by: Jose Christo Brillant
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NYC Fashion by: Jose Christo Brillant

by BeBrillant NYC

New York City Fashion is a melting pot of styles from all walks of life...  NYC is the epicenter of the world where people are free to dress as fashionable and as comfortable as they want; whether it be on a budget, or hi end Ootd’s that costs as much as a downtown Brooklyn Apartment’s monthly rent!  


Most people are very unique in their style from casual chic to business formal.   Other’s follow trends, like looks, brands, & colors.  Fashion Is not limited to humans; part of their accessories are the pets...  sometimes carried in a designer bag.  


The most important pieces of Fashion are the shoes & accessories which makes everything Pop!   You can be wearing a plain t-shirt and unmarked hi-end jeans...  but they won’t be noticed unless you wearing shoes that catches everyone’s attention.  Or a plain Navy Blue Suit with a White Shirt...  but the matching White (my preference) or a colorful pocket square makes the entire suit Pop... but of course the Shoes are very important!!!


As a fashion designer I’m inspired by my surroundings...  hence why I love walking the streets of NYC, like Time Square, or riding the subways, walking on Flatbush near Church Ave and Downtown Brooklyn, on 125th Street in Harlem, Fordham Rd, Jamaica Avenue, SoHo downtown on Broadway, Delancey, and The Village.  However, whenever I travel I pay attention to the trends and the styles.


What is NYC Fashion to you and What is your Style and what Inspires You?


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